Brazil Visa for Indian Citizens – Ruthlessly Efficient Process

Target Country: Brazil
Passport: Indian Passport
Visa Type: Tourist Visa
Processing Consulate/Embassy: Consulate of Brazil, New York, USA
I went to the embassy over-prepared with loads of documents including hotel bookings, insurance, marriage certificate, cover letter, bank statements, employment letter etc etc. But the lady at the visa counter was ruthless and only took the exact documents listed on their website ( Note: She didn’t ask for a proof of residence, eventhough that is listed on the website


Documents they actually took:

  • Tickets to and from Brazil (in our case, we are flying into Argentina and out of Brazil. They refused to accept any domestic flight tickets or hotel bookings)
  • $20 fee per head, in a US Post Money Order
  • Online application confirmation page
  • Valid passport, with US Visa

Very smooth. I didn’t need an appointment. There was a wait of about 20 mins before our turn came. Took me 25 mins total to submit the application. The officer was ruthlessly efficient and quickly took the exact documents she needed, and sent us away. The visa was processed in 5 days and it was easy enough to pick my passport up, with the receipt they had given upon submission.

Need inspiration? See these photos I took in Brazil:
Classic Rio
Misty Iguazu Falls
The Real Macaw!!


29 thoughts on “Brazil Visa for Indian Citizens – Ruthlessly Efficient Process

  1. Jorge thanks for your comment. I actually don't know about apartments. I would suggest you ask the same question on Lonely Planet's Thorntree forums or on Tripadvisor — there are many experienced travelers there who might be able to help.

  2. Hello; I am a student in Usa and plan to visit brazil in the summer. I can book my own return ticket and hotels. But do we need to show more money for tourist visa in the bank?

  3. Ronnie — the Brazil consulate did NOT take my bank statements. So the answer to you questions is NO – you don't need to show money in the bank. (Sorry if this comment has come too late for you).

  4. hi can send tell me the list of documents which you submitted for tourist visa…i am in bangalore now ,and in the brazil embassy website ,there is nowhere mention about noc from company where i work along with 3 month payslip..but few agents i talk with they are asking these documents….so it is little bit confusing…my mail id is

  5. We are Indian Citizens and residents of Bangalore. We will be going to the US next month and will be there till February, 2014. While we are there, we plan to visit Brazil for a week. Can we get Brazilian Visas while we are there or do we have to apply for Brazilian Visas before we leave India?

      • We will be on B1 (Tourist) Visas when we are in the US and plan to visit Brazil from the US for which we have confirmed return tickets to and from Brazil and then back to India.

      • Peter – I would recommend applying in India. There is a slight complication – Brazil visa I got was for 90 days only and valid from the date of issue. I.e. if you get the visa today, you have to use it within 3 months from today. So if you are planning a trip to Brazil within the next 3 months, you should be OK to apply in India. If you are going later than 3 months from now, then I would recommend contacting the Brazil Consulate in the US city where you are going and asking if they will accept your application.

      • Thanks for your advice. Have clearly indicated in the application form that we will be travelling to Brazil only on 3rd January, 2014 and will be staying for 10 days only. Will however ask the agent to reconfirm with the Consulate before submitting.

      • We submitted the following documents along with our original passports:-
        Letter from Employer showing name and designation and stating that employee was proceeding on leave.
        Income Tax Returns for three years
        Yellow Fever Certificate in original
        Air Ticket
        Hotel Booking Confirmation
        Two Passport Size Photographs (They are very particular on adherence to specifications of these photographs)
        Copy of first two and last two (this includes the inside covers) of the passport
        A letter to the Brazilian Consulate in Mumbai signed by applicant giving reasons and proposed dates of travel, address of hotel in Brazil and means of financing.
        All Old Passports
        Printed Application Form which has been submitted on line, duly signed and dated.

        There is a travel agent named TRAVELLDAY who have offices in various cities in India including Bangalore who process Brazilian visas through their Mumbai Office.

  6. I see that you got your visa back in 5 business days. Does that apply to all consulates? I am applying from San Francisco. I am an Indian Citizen here on a work visa.

    • Hello – I cannot speak for other consulates. I would imagine SF would not take more than 5 working days either. Best to check directly with them (unless another reader of this blog shares their experience with the SF consulate).

  7. I live in oregon and planning my trip in feb – mar to brazil
    Do you have any idea if i fly to SFO and apply for visa will they return my passport by mail ( if i leave prepaid enevelop ) OR i have to fly back after 5-7 days once its done ??

  8. Hi. Can you please tell me the time length of the VISA you got? Is it multiple entry? Another question is do I need to enter Brazil within 90 days of getting my VISA?

      • My wife and I applied for my Brazilian Visa in the first week of August, 2013 in Mumbai, India with a visit to Brazil planned for January, 2014. We got multiple entry visas in about ten days with maximum stay of 90 days on each visit. Validity one year from issue date.
        Consulate wanted signatures in blue ink so as to ensure that it was not photocopied. They are also very particular regarding the photographs for which they provide clear specifications.

  9. Do they have an option to mail in our passport? Or hand the application in person and request the passport be mailed back?

  10. Hi, You have a very informative website!!!
    Am planning for a Argentina/Chile/Uruguay trip…the issue is getting the visa.I believe there is no choice other than travelling 3 times to New York for each visa. Is there a better way?

    • Hi – I assume the NYC consulates are closest for you. Yes usually, in my experience it is easiest to get all visas before leaving for the trip. Sometimes it is possible to get visas during the trip. You may check with the embassies of your destination countries. E.g. If you are going to Argentina first, you could ask the Chilean embassy if it’s possible to get Chile visas in Argentina while you are there on a tourist visa. But in my opinion that approach is more of a hassle. You are better off going to NYC multiple times. Also – do read my post on Chile visa. It’s a bit tough to get sometimes.

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